We Are The Best!

We Are The Best!

I’m coming out of the cinema thinking of the spontaneous smile my lips are wearing. We were just seven in that almost too early screening of We Are The Best!, or the original ‘Vi är bäst!‘ in Swedish and most were well beyond 30 even though the movie is about three 13 year old girls from Stockholm. Set back in 1982 and the then-frequent phrase “punk is dead” it tells a short and cool story of said friends that formed a punk band without even buying a guitar.

I’m not gonna bother wondering aloud how or why was it filmed and what was the point Lukas Moodysson wanted to make. Whatever he wanted, I enjoyed those hundred minutes of that never-so-childish but also never-so-drama movie. A few (yeah right!) years ago when I was more or less in that age I recall having school trips to the cinema. No more than twice per year, but I still count myself in the lucky side. I’m thinking about how much modern teenagers should watch this movie. It’s not only about “punk is dead”. Punk is not dead. Nothing’s dead. It’s about watching themselves in another age, in admittedly stretched-out situations to serve the movie’s needs, and hopefully be influenced from that. Let that influence come towards any direction, just be pushed away from daily routine for a second.

We Are The Best! 2

That’s for teenagers. For the rest of us I guess it’s mostly the reminiscence of days (long) passed and the thought of ourselves in the place of Bobo or Clara, being alone in their rooms at night with nothing to do but cable-phone each other or listen to the same music for the hundredth time from their worn-out cassette player. Maybe even the idea of providing a place like that existing in the movie for kids to pick up an off-key guitar and a drumkit and try whatever they feel they want.

In the same city I was walking with that smile while I was heading home there was a band less than “a few” (It’s for real this time, believe me) years ago that recorded a small and beautiful EP. They were called Voices Everyday, their only recorded work found its way to my collection and I dare to say that I haven’t yet recovered from one of its songs; the one that’s following. Oh, and I can so easily picture that little spiky-hair girl murmuring just before falling asleep with those old headphones still on:

There was a time that you could close your eyes and sleep
You didn’t need to whisper lines from songs until the sun comes in
Now you’re on your own, falling asleep at dawn just you and your old headphones


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