Electric Litany - Enduring Days You Will Overcome

Electric Litany – Enduring Days You Will Overcome

2015 Is just around the corner and I'm still spending quite some time listening new (or recent) albums from 2014 while I'm trying to rearrange my mind and my tiny collection of music I like in a part of one of the four walls surrounding me. I was standing in front of that "Greek corner" of said wall when I found a CD I had almost forgot that was there, despite owning it only for a few months. Electric Litany is a band based in London, whose leader and main vocalist is Alexandros Miaris, coming from Kerkyra island in western Greece and that's why they were placed in that corner and not next to Eddie Vedder or something similar in the "International corner", despite the fact that they sing in English. Anyway, here are a few words for their second album 'Enduring Days You Will Overcome' that was released by one of the most active Greek labels, Inner Ear Records, earlier this year.

1. Intro
2. Silence
3. Hold Fast To Dreams
4. The Soul Remembers Everything
5. Vanish
6. Name
7. Enduring Days You Will Overcome
8. In The Morning
9. Feather Of Ecstasy
10. Empty Sea
11. You Make Me Feel
12. Farewell (To Setting Flowers)

Release Date: 3 February 2014
Label: Inner Ear Records
Tracks To Notice: In The Morning, Feathers Of Ecstasy

First things first, an album of any band becomes interesting at once when one notices the name of Alan Parsons as the producer, even if relatively few people had heard (about) their 2010 debut ‘How To Be A Child And Win The War‘. Electric Litany were formed back in 2007 and their second release is their first big step in the music world. Alan Parsons‘ influence has been decisive and crucial and it’s not rare to find ‘Enduring Days You Will Overcome‘ in lists of “best Greek albums of 2014” that are sprouting all around the web.

A dozen songs that vary from ambient keyboards and slow guitar riffs to powerful blasts of drums and capturing rhythm. ‘Intro‘ leads effortlessly to The XX styled ‘Silence‘ while ‘The Soul Remember Everything‘ takes us a bit further East with its sounds. Listening to it over and over again I don’t find myself particularly tired of it since there are nice melodies to discover almost in every part of the approximately forty-five minute it lasts, but the songs that stand out are noticed from the first seconds of the first play.

In The Morning‘ is one of them, with a nice tempo in the drum machine and bits of piano to accompany the voice of Alexandros who separates every phrase enhancing the feeling created by the music, just as the little piano bridge somewhere in the middle does. Then comes ‘Feather Of Ecstasy‘ and drags you back from wherever ‘In The Morning‘ might have taken you, only to lead you somewhere else, but this time with a faster and more intense rhythm. It’s the best moment of their new album and it sounds almost like if Joy Division met Editors.

As said, there are plenty of nice songs in ‘Enduring Days You Will Overcome‘, which should be marked down as their best album to date, alas, not it’s not a perfect one. It seems Electric Litany are heading to somewhere promising and the first signs are already here, don’t miss them. If my enthusiasm didn’t make it to the text, as intended, or if you were not fully persuaded by those words, give it a try in the YouTube below, it might make your day (or night).


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