This Is My Jam!

One of the biggest and most popular music websites the last decade or so is You can’t really stream stuff there (embedded YouTube/Soundcloud aside) but that was never the point. It tracks music that’s playing on your media player, iTunes, web radio or even YouTube and it returns recommendations about similar artists and bands, while creating a pretty impressive “library” with cool info that plenty of music nerds would appreciate. “Oh boy, my average songs per day increased to 47 and try having a look at my 1000-artist-library” and so on.

Anyway, this little post isn’t supposed to be about, but for a spin-off created by a group of ex-employees. is far from huge, but a few years ago somebody said “the bad thing about social media is that everybody is in there” (and then Google Plus was created), so that’s not extremely bad. User gets to choose a song that means the most to them at that point (aka Jam) and keep it for a few hours or,at most, a week. Then you get digital friends with similar taste, you discover new stuff handpicked by people around the world and many more. Probably my favourite thing in TIMJ was the Jam Odyssey, a feature that mixed a few seconds from the jams of the whole year resulting in incredible result. Sadly it wasn’t introduced for 2014, but you can get an idea on my 2012 and 2013 Odysseys.

I’ve been using it for a while now and several months ago I created another profile for the radio show. So, apart from a small heads up to Team Jam for their work, I’m writing this one here to introduce a series of posts that will be related to the jam-of-the-week of the show, and, since now, the blog. A new jam is selected usually on Sundays and I’ll try to keep the updates over here on time. Until then, you can follow the show on TIMJ if you’re already there or simply listen my latest jam.


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