Record Store Day 2015 Releases

Earlier tonight the official list of Record Store Day 2015 releases was uploaded revealing a few more than 400 albums that will become available on the third Saturday of April, as every year since 2008. (You can check it by clicking here.) Much more are the independent – mainly – record stores around the world that take part in this some kind of celebration; most likely you can find one around the place you live. RSD’s role on vinyl revitalisation was and still is crucial, as a major kickstarter of people’s turn towards records and record stores.

You can read that stuff anywhere online, though. I’m writing this small piece for those interested in the day and haven’t checked the releases yet and of course for sharing some of my preferences. Maybe even some suggestions. Last year I spend that Saturday in Netherlands, literally hunting records around the stores of Utrecht and Amsterdam. And that’s what it’s mostly about. Usually though there’s more than mere shopping, with special releases and discounts, as plenty of bands play small concerts in the stores, which are not unlikely to offer a beer or two.

Anyway, my treasure list is a bit smaller than last year, but with a fast scan I noticed a bunch of stuff worth buying. Before and above all comes the very first album on the list, a reissue of The 101’ers‘ ‘Elgin Avenue Breakdown‘, Joe Strummer‘s first band. Then there are plenty of bigger artists like Bob Dylan, The Doors, U2 and some more releasing bits and pieces that are usually offered in such an abundance that can be found even later than that Saturday. That’s, unfortunately, not happening for the majority of the releases.

Florence + The Machine and Mumford & Sons are each releasing a single that I’d go for, while The Decemberist‘s fans will be satisfied with Picaresque‘s 10th anniversary re-release on red vinyl. There’s also a quite collectible 7″ by R.E.M. and Syd Barrett. Cold War Kids, Happy Mondays, Frank Zappa and even Bruce Springsteen feature on the ‘RSD Frst Release‘ category. Jack White couldn’t be missing and he’s releasing The White Stripes‘ ‘Get Behind Me Satan‘ for the first time on  coloured vinyl. On ‘Regional Focus Release‘ you can find Against Me!, who released a really good album on 2014, Jon Hopkins, for those of you into experimental EDM or the likes of Buena Vista Social Club and Hanni El Khatib.

It is really interesting that artists of a really wide range of music are participating and more than that the fact that some soundtrack collections appear. There’s a Sons Of Anarchy season 5 & 6 collection and an EP featuring Sharon Van Etten among others and it’s titled ‘The Walking Dead Original Soundtrack Vol.2‘. Sorry Game Of Thrones fans, nothing special for you here.

For those interested in Greek artists, the only confirmed release as I write those words is by Pavlos Pavlidis (Παύλος Παυλίδης). Inner Ear will release a 7″ with previously unreleased Pavlos‘ songs titled ‘Τα Σκουπίδια‘ (“Ta Skupidia” – The Garbage) and ‘Κατάδικος‘ (“Katadikos” – Convict). This one isn’t on the official list and will be available only in Greek stores.

I guess that’s more than enough for now. Mind not to break the needle and let the hunt begin!


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