Katzenjammer - Rockland

Katzenjammer – Rockland

A few days ago I started a new column on the Greek webzine I’m writing and I thought I should add some of those little articles over here as well. Not as long as my reviews have been so far, but they’ll do the job for now.

Kicking off with Katzenjammer and catching up soon!

1. Old De Spain
2. Curvaceous Needs
3. Oh My God
4. Lady Grey
5. My Own Tune
6. Shine Like Neon Rays
7. Driving After You
8. Flash In The Dark
9. My Dear
10. Bad Girl
11. Rockland
Release Date: January 2015
Label: Propeller Records
Tracks To Notice: Oh My God, My Dear, Bad Girl

Katzenjammer is a female Norwegian quartet mixing different music styles ranging from rock to country and mainly a kind of pop folk. Or folk pop. They met in Oslo in the music school they used to attend and they sing in English in all of the three albums they have released since 2008. ‘Rockland‘ here is quite pleasant and satisfying, full of the folk elements we have been used to so far and a pinch (or two) of this good-side-of-pop.

Their average fan might be disappointed from this slight pop turn, but this is something that has already happened to so many bands and in this case it would be without a good reason. Katzenjammer‘s music still has all the joy and rhythm it had four or seven years ago. Female vocals fit on top of simple melodies of guitar and piano and only in a few moments they sound lacking inspiration. One of the best songs in this album is ‘Oh My God‘ with its catchy pauses and the lyrics being spoken more than sang. It barely reminds of me Iggy Azalea‘s ‘Fancy‘, but it’s much better. Oh, and it’s definitely not the only one worth listening in ‘Rockland‘.


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