Kooba Tercu

Kooba Tercu – Kooba Tercu

1. Ukunta
2. Elephant
3. Batman
4. Chika
5. Disembarkation
6. Squirting Squid
7. Pebble
8. Unaboom
9. Spit Bucket
10. Sonique
Release Date: January 2015
Label: Spinalonga Records
Tracks To Notice: Ukunta, Chika, Spit Bucket

Fuzzy guitars and drums creating a beautiful noise and some slightly calmer parts, dipped into a bowl of experimentation. This could be a rough description for Kooba Tercu‘s self titled debut that was released several weeks ago on Spinalonga Records. Band consists of Johnny Tercu and five more musicians of the (heavy) rock scene of Athens, a scene that’s quite blooming lately. They suggest that “kooba” means “summary” and Google confirms it for Somali.

Biggest part of this album was recorded a few years ago in an underground small room that couldn’t really be described as a studio, but the result is far from bad. Beautiful and explosive at times, it captures in its ten tracks the whole energy of the band playing live. ‘Chika‘ is one of the songs that really standout, just like staggering ‘Spit Bucket‘ towards the end. While listening to this album you’ll probably discover more great songs, specially if you’re into heavy rock sound, and it’ll become clear why they were chosen to open for Goat in their upcoming gig in Athens.


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