Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

1. Sound & Color
2. Don't Wanna Fight
3. Dunes
4. Future People
5. Gimme All Your Love
6. This Feeling
7. Guess Who
8. The Greatest
9. Shoegaze
10. Miss You
11. Gemini
12. Over My Head
Release Date: April 2015
Label: Rough Trade Records
Tracks To Notice: Don't Wanna Fight, Dunes, Gimme All Your Love

It’s already been three years since Alabama Shakes‘ first album ‘Boys & Girls‘ and its big success with songs like ‘Hold On‘ made plenty of us waiting impatiently for the follow up announced for this April. Their major characteristic is Brittany Howard‘s amazing vocal skills and performance, things that are among the very few that have remained similar between their two albums. They could have easily follow the tracks of their early success, but ‘Sound & Color‘ leaves most of the southern rock and soul influences behind and takes a half-blind step including psychedelia, funk and even some punk-inspired moments.

Don’t Wanna Fight‘ is by far the best song here, just after title track which serves more as a long intro music. ‘The Greatest‘ also stands out, despite reaching almost four minutes in a style that could be best described as “acoustic punk” and the small bursts on the refrains of ‘Gimme All Your Love‘ sound nice even towards the end when it shifts from piano to guitar background. The only problem with this album is that there aren’t enough great songs to convince us in favor of this slight change of their sound. Because, indeed, no matter what Brittany touches with her voice will be at least good, but we (and they) need more great songs; just like ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’.


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