Yael Naim

Yael Naim – Older

1. I Walk Until
2. Make A Child
3. Dream In My Head
4. Coward
5. Trapped
6. Ima
7. She Said
8. Walk Walk
9. Take Me Down
10. Older
11. Meme Iren Song
Release Date: March 2015
Label: Tôt ou tard
Tracks To Notice: I Walk Until, Coward, Walk Walk

With this release the French singer with Israeli roots tries to achieve what she had done back in 2007 with her self-titled second album. ‘New Soul’ and her notable cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ were being played in the radio quite a lot almost a decade ago and they still are among her major hits, something that several songs in ‘Older’ could potentially brag about. As in most of her previous works, the greatest part of the lyrics here are in English, but there’s also a bit of French, like on ‘Ima‘.

She’s playing the piano and accordion in the slower, a bit melancholic parts, but the best songs are the happier, more vivid ones, enriched by the rhythm of guitar and bass. From the former category ‘Coward‘, released earlier as a single, and ‘Meme Iron Song‘ closing the album with its accordion stand out, while from the latter ‘I Walk Until‘ and ‘Walk Walk‘ use “digital clapping” in their own way, but the result is rewarding in both cases and ‘Take Me Down‘ has a bit of Florence Welch‘s aura. ‘Older’ isn’t the best return we could expect from Yael Naim, five years since her last album (‘She Was A Boy‘), but it’s definitely a satisfying album for her kind of music.


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