Benjamin Clementine

Benjamin Clementine – At Least For Now

1. Winston Churchill's Boy
2. Then I Heard A Bachelor's Cry
3. London
4. Adios
5. St. Clementine On Tea And Croissants
6. Nemesis
7. The People And I
8. Condolence
9. Cornerstone
10. Quiver A Little
11. Gone
Release Date: January 2015
Label: Behind Records
Tracks To Notice: Adios, Condolence

Benjamin Clementine was born in London but he had to move to France and spend some years there for his musical talent to be discovered. He’s writing his songs on his own and he’s playing them on the piano with influence from artists like Nina Simone being more than obvious in this first album he released. The twenty six year old doesn’t seem really anxious by such comparisons and he’s happily cited other artists, along with Nina, who played a part in his formation as a musician, like Leonard Cohen or Antony Hegarty.

Adios‘ sounds like ‘Sinnerman‘ from the first seconds and ‘Nemesis‘ isn’t really far from that. They’re two of the songs that stand out, added to ‘Condolence‘ which was the first single he released this year. The whole album is dominated by his deep, characteristic voice singing his beautiful lyrics with piano on the background, though some strings appear occasionally as well. ‘At Least For Now‘ is one of the best recent albums of this kind of music that blends folk, pop and a bit of classical and Benjamin Clementine proves to be an interesting and promising songwriter to keep track to in the years to come.


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