Michalis Tsantilas

Michalis Tsantilas – What You See Is Just A Lie [EP]

1. Alone Again
2. Wayward Blues
3. Shit!
4. Darkness Coming
Release Date: March 2015

I’m not usually reviewing EPs, but there are certain releases from Greek artists that should definitely be brought out to people from all around Europe or the U.S. (and the world in general), like most of the people visiting Sunday Freakshow. Michalis (Μιχάλης) – the Greek equivalent to Michael – had released his first album a few years ago singing only in Greek and this EP is his first attempt with English lyrics. This change might just be something temporary, but we’ll have to wait for his next release to find out. This could take some time since he’s doing plenty of other stuff other than creating music, including being a music critic, radio producer and, mostly, a father.

Michalis and a few of his friends have created a beautiful collection of four songs that flirt with prog rock, like ‘Alone Again‘, or lean towards (much) softer rock-ish sounds using guitars or synthesizer. The mood in the whole album is pretty well defined by the melancholy of the title, taken from the lyrics of closer ‘Darkness Coming‘, but the songs that stood out from the first listen were ‘Alone Again‘ and ‘Shit!‘. The latter has a slightly brighter refrain, using something that sounds like coming from a cup and a spoon. Those two tracks are also longer, including quite some experimentations towards the end, but you can find interesting ideas almost in every minute of the roughly twenty it runs.


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