Coffee Break Cookies

Coffee Break Cookies – Will-O’-The Wisp II

1. I'll Be There
2. Sitting By My Window
3. Broken Fingers
4. Cookies Parade
5. No Place To Go
6. Naked When You Come
7. Long-term Memory
8. Goodmorning Harry
9. Space & Time
10. Some Say
11. September Noon
12. Open Sea
13. Never Return
14. Chasing The Rain
15. SOmetimes
16. Lost
17. What If I'm Trippin
18. No Regret For That Kind Of Sorrow
Release Date: April 2015
Label: Comic Cooks Records
Tracks To Notice: Sitting By My Window, Cookies Parade, No Place To Go

Down in Greece we’re not really doing “coffee breaks” since a simple afternoon gathering might last several hours, but the trio from Pireaus chose this name that doesn’t sound bad at all. Coffee Break Cookies had released their first album on early 2014 and a month ago they returned with a satisfying collection of eighteen songs. The music in most tracks rolls and evolves, fitting perfectly in the background of a said gathering or almost any other activity, and lasts almost an hour without being tiring, meanwhile managing to provoke our interest from time to time. There are very few spoken-word phrases on top of samples and melodies ranging from trip hop to hip hop and back again.

The guitar in ‘No Place To Go’ intro reminds me of Velvet Underground while vocals sound like the way Moby used some of his friends some years ago. Most of the songs in ‘Will-O’-The Wisp II’ could easily be heard in a cafe/bar or radios that prefer this kind of alternative music, have a go on ‘Cookies Parade’ or ‘Open Sea’ for example. There’s plenty more that could be written for some more tracks, like ‘Goodmorning Harry’ being similar to some music parts used to accompany a poem collection of Katerina Gogou a few years ago, but it’s the whole album that’s worth the play. If you’re the least interested in trip hop or similar kind of music, Coffee Break Cookies are one of the best bands in this genre Greece has to offer.


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