Dub FX live @ Thessaloniki, Greece

Last Thursday night there were plenty of events going on in Thessaloniki, from local punk rock gigs to beer festival, and one of the most interesting was Dub FX‘s return. Benjamin Stanford, his real name, is quite popular in Greece the past years and he has already played here a handful of times. The last time he was in Thessaloniki I didn’t have the chance to see him, but I had heard good words from trustworthy friends, so my curiosity led me to Principal Club shortly after 22:00.

Plenty of people were waiting outside, but more were dancing to the groovy hip hop of locals Big Shine, Lord, Orphanatic and Digital Monk. They did their warming up part successfully, while more and more people were coming in. Dub FX walked on stage alone at 23:00 and kicked off with his usual beats and loops, both him and the crowd in a great mood. His partners, Andy V on saxophone and keyboards and Evan Tweedie on bass, joined a bit later to enrich the musical background. It was his birthday and several hundreds sang “happy birthday” between two songs, a break of the few that occurred just so he’s able to record a properly clean beat to loop.

Having spent a great part of his early twenties busking, he definitely knows how to please his audience, whether that’s a dozen strangers in a square or a fully packed small Greek venue. It was a great night, with many of audience’s favourite songs and Dub FX being really connected with the rest of us down there. I guess that he will be visiting us more often now that Greeks’ appreciation for his music was confirmed.

*Photo taken from Karolina Tsirogianni, StageSpotting.com


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