Bat Signal - Dangernights

Bat Signal – Dangernights [EP]

During the summer I found some time to make my old cassette player working again and I spent a couple of Sunday afternoons playing a handful of the cassettes I have. Bat Signal‘s first official release was among them and I find myself amused enough to write a few words here after almost two months.

One of my favourite albums from Greek (punk) rock bands singing in English is Nervisequin‘s ‘Astronauts‘, self-released by the band in 2011. A couple of years ago they disbanded and Bat Signal is the new group of Nervisequin‘s frontman Michael Guratza. They are playing often in their hometown Thessaloniki and have already toured a lot in Greece and in the Balkans. This EP was released on March 2015 οn cassette and contains all eight tracks available on their Bandcamp page. It’s an absolutely punk rock album occasionally reminiscent of The Clash despite their sound and influences being in general closer to the american type of punk rock.

Most of the songs don’t even hit the two and a half minute mark, making ‘Dangernights‘ a fast, explosive and enjoyable listen. One of the songs that stand out is ‘Don’t Drink And Drive (Ozzy)‘, dedicated to a friend of the band nicknamed Ozzy, but side A is their best side, kicking off with ‘Back To My Home‘, probably their best song until now. ‘Bruce Campbell‘ is closer to Nervisequin‘s sound and approach, while ‘Robin Hood‘ is a cover of the intro song of the 90’s anime adaption of Robin Hood, passionately played by the three 90’s children in the band. If you’re into punk rock music or if you were looking for a small and truly independent group away from the US or UK, Bat Signal fit you perfectly. Everybody else can find out for his/her own with the three minute song down here. It’s fun anyway!


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