Orlindan's My Jams

So long, This Is My Jam!

Last week Matthew Ogle and Hannah Donovan, the guys behind This Is My Jam, announced on their tumblr blog that the site is to be archived on September. No Jams will be lost, but we won’t be able to post more in less than two weeks.

Plenty of times I had found myself listening to a certain song on repeat for hours, which is quite close to the definition of “my jam” and it was a pleasant thing to share it straight to people who care on TIMJ. Not your whole Facebook friends. Just random people from all over the world who seem to kinda like your taste in music. Is there really a better way to get to meet somebody other than through music (or books or films)?

Some other times though, just like the past couple of days, the song in my head isn’t available on TIMJ. “Sorry, this cannot be played here“. I can happily choose the badly recorded distorted live version, or maybe even some remix from a random DJ, but not the studio version I’m into. That’s one of the reasons cited for the site’s going to sleep mode.

Anyway, since this probably is going to be one of my last Jams, I decided to write this little piece here, that would only uncomfortably fit in Jam’s description, for all those who shared their music with me on that page the last 3 years or so. It’s a song from Kate Tempest‘s 2014 debut, an amazing Mercury-nominated album that always makes me think of the possibility of a movie adaption. You can see my TIMJ profile and listen to said Jam right here. It’s slightly faster than the original, so have a go as well on the studio version above, easily available on YouTube and other platforms.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep on sharing my music here and on the web radio that will start again soon and I’ll have my ears open for yours.


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