The Strypes - Little Victories

The Strypes – Little Victories

Just like plenty of bands those days, The Strypes looked back into the past in search of inspiration when they were preparing their 2013 debut. A part of their success two years ago derived from them being a gang of Irish teenagers, but it would be unfair not to acknowledge the passion and fidelity with which they built their 60’s garage rock ‘n’ roll influenced sound. In their second album, inevitable maturity brings them closer to our era, but they still seem and sound like a bunch of lads playing their heroes’ music. It’s just that those heroes aren’t The Yardbirds or The Stones anymore, but more like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys.

Little Victories‘ could easily amaze anybody of their age, but even under this perspective, there’s nothing that comes close enough to the likes of ‘Blue Collar Jane‘ from ‘Snapshot‘. Most of the lyrics refer to girls and love in general, but that’s not something for which they should be blamed nor something unexpected. Good thing about this album is that the quartet is delivering quite well on what they’ve chosen to sound like, resulting in some enjoyable parts, like ‘Cruel Brunnette‘ or ‘Scumbag City‘, that could be the outcome of Jake Bugg entering a band. The rest of the songs that stand out (‘Get Into It‘, ‘Eighty-Four‘, ‘Everyday‘) have a bit more than merely a speck of Gallagher brothers’ or Sergio Pizzorno‘s work, so it’s doubtful they’ll manage to stay in our musical memory for more than a handful of months.

1. Get Into It
2. I Need To Be Your Only
3. A Good Night's Sleep And A Cab Fare Home
4. Eighty-Four
5. Queen Of The Half Crown
6. (I Wanna Be Your) Everyday
7. Best Man
8. Three Streets And A Village Green
9. Now She's Gone
10. Cruel Brunette
11. Status Update
12. Scumbag City
Release Date: July 2015
Label: Virgin EMI Records
Tracks To Notice: Get Into It, Queen Of The Half Crown, Scumbag City

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