Moa Bones - Spun

Moa Bones – Spun

In the big digital village many of us live in there are scarcely any borders, of any kind. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when some musicians are playing like they were based in the other end of the world. That’s what Dimitris Aronis is doing by releasing his second album under the alias Moa Bones he’s been using for several years already. He’s based in Athens, Greece, but his music comes straight from the southern US.

Spun‘ is a concise collection of nine songs floating around folk and americana music, all of them recorded in his room. One of the most beautiful things here is the simplicity and immediacy of the music that, along with the nice little stories, make it an enjoyable listen on some relaxed afternoon or even while driving home after a small trip. Harmonica and banjo are mixed with the guitar and a bit of piano throughout the album, but there are a handful of songs that stand out. Strangely, the songs that were released as singles, in advance of the album that got out on May, and are probably the best in ‘Spun‘ (‘Wake Up‘, ‘Hey‘) are towards the end of the album. This doesn’t mean though that it doesn’t kick in pleasantly. ‘The Journey‘ gets your feet stomping from the first second and the small spoken-word intro on ‘Take It All Away‘ keeps the mind and the ears on close attention. ‘Skopelitis‘, which is the name for those coming from Skopelos island, is a two minute instrumental with guitar and banjo, that should also be noted.

Moa Bones second release shows that indeed there are no limits in music and definitely his ability to craft nice folk songs. Alas, he doesn’t have the thick south american accent that would possibly fit better this kind of music, but his Greek origin is barely recognisable. You won’t find the “song of the summer” (that’s long gone, sadly) here, nor anything that will even come close to being a success, but there’s plenty of beautiful music. I guess that’s enough.

1. The Journey
2. Take It All Away
3. Long For A Change
4. Old Days
5. Skopelitis
6. Hey
7. Come On
8. Once Upon A Time
9. Wake Up
Release Date: May 2015
Label: Inner Ear Records
Tracks To Notice: Skopelitis, Hey, Wake Up

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