Ratatat - Magnifique

Ratatat – Magnifique

We hadn’t been used to waiting so long for a new release from the New York duo, but here they are, back in action. Despite the five long years since ‘LP4‘ (2010), ‘Magnifique‘ follows the pattern and consists solely of instrumental tracks, like most of their previous work. One of the most peculiar and interesting things in this album is that the only phrase heard is in Greek. Right at the end of ‘Countach‘ you’ll notice a voice calling “epomeni stasi”, a sample taken from metro/bus speakers announcing “next stop” somewhere in Athens.

Public transport and announcements aside, Evan Mast and Mike Stoud are based on electronic music and have already spent a decade experimenting with more rock-ish sounds. Here this is happening either with a pedal-steel guitar as in ‘Supreme‘, or with drum machine, synthesizer, distorted guitar and a pinch of base. One of the first songs that was released online is one of the best here, titled ‘Cream On Chrome‘ and sounding like an indie rock version of Daft Punk. The same more or less holds for ‘Abrasive‘, while ‘Nightclub Amnesia‘ is closer to EDM, loyal to its title. Just before the small outro, there’s a cover of Springwater’s ‘I Will Return‘, that helps us understand – to a point – their distance from modern electronic music and the use of more “traditional” instruments. Even like this, far from pioneering or being compelling, they’re still making some nice music for the rest of us to enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Cream On Chrome
3. Magnifique
4. Abrasive
5. Countach
6. Drift
7. Pricks Of Brightness
8. Nightclub Amnesia
9. Cold Fingers
10. Supreme
11. Rome
12. Primetime
13. I Will Return
14. Outro
Release Date: June 2015
Label: Because Music
Tracks To Notice: Cream On Chrome, Nightclub Amnesia, Supreme

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