Born Ruffians - Ruff

Born Ruffians – Ruff

In their fourth album, one would expect Born Ruffians to be, or even just to appear, more mature. Despite it being a enjoyable listen, expectations are not really met. ‘Ruff‘ is a collection of eleven songs roaming around indie rock with a few dirtier moments here and some more ambient influences there. Most of track are quite pleasant, but there’s a feeling of a puberal carefreeness that holds them a few steps back from being in the top class of this style of bands in the quite big scene in their country. Let alone even bigger categories (or markets) like US next door, where The Strokes come from, who they usually mention as an important influence.

Album kicks off with ‘Don’t Live Up‘ promising a climax that doesn’t really come till much later. One of the songs that stand out is ‘Yawn Tears‘, varying its tempo, with a slight bliss on the refain and always the bass face-front. The same more or less holds for ‘We Made It‘ towards the end, a tune at the banal-indie-rock style. Through its approximately forty minutes the weight falls on Luke Lalonde‘s vocals, mostly accompanied by guitar. They’re already together for a decade, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they manage to craft some catchy songs like ‘& On & On & On‘ or ‘Eat Shit (We Did it)‘. But, despite the really decent effort, ‘Ruff‘ lacks the song or idea(s) that could make somebody amazed by an album of this style in 2015.

1. Don't Live Up
2. Stupid Dreams
3. Yawn Tears
4. Don't Worry Now
5. When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away
6. & On & On & On
7. Fuck Feelings
8. Eat Shit (We Did It)
9. We Made It
10. Let Me Get It Out
11. Shade To Shade
Release Date: October 2015
Label: Yep Roc Records
Tracks: & On & On & On, Eat Shit (We Did It)

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