Sexwitch - Sewitch

Sexwitch – Sexwitch

Natasha Khan met Brighton band named Toy through producer Dan Carey, with whom they both worked for their latest releases. ‘Sexwitch‘ is the result of the cooperation of those three sides, but Khan is the figure that stands out in the debut album of this project. I guess her previous releases as Bat For Lashes are a strong influence on this, subjective, feeling. In this album, though, she’s doing something quite different than what she has previously presented on the three albums under her “main” alias. Toy‘s psychedelia must have played its role on her chaotic rendition here.

Five out of the six songs in this album are covers from older songs from Iran, Morocco and Thailand, while ‘War In Peace‘ mentions U.S.A. on the title, but it’s a song from Alexander Spence, born in Canada. Cover album it is then. Musically, some are more distant from the originals, but all the lyrics, or just a part of them, has been translated in English and are amazingly delivered by Natasha Khan. ‘Ghoroobaa Ghashangan‘, from Iran, and even more ‘Ha Howa Ha Howa‘ are the ones that stand out from the first play. Thrilling, psychedelic guitars, drumming from which you can’t really escape and on top of it all Khan‘s screams and ecstatic singing. Surely, not all tracks are interesting, but the approach and delivery of the idea make ‘Sexwitch‘ a quite good album.


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