port-royal - Where Are You Now

Port-Royal – Where Are You Now

In this blog usually I’m writing about releases from Greek artists or some other bands/singers from major countries in music industry. This, though, doesn’t mean that anything else is excluded and often enough albums from Norway, Italy or anywhere else one could imagine reach my playlist. Genova-based port-royal (deliberately lowercase) are such a case. They have released four studio albums and a bunch of other stuff (remix albums, EPs, etc) since 2000 that they started working together and ‘Where Are You Now‘ is an almost eighty minute journey in an EDM-fueled version of post rock. A variety of sounds and changes in musical direction might lead some finding the album a bit tiring, but their music here is thrilling more often than not.

They’re mostly based on instrumental tracks, but there are also several lyrics around, accompanying the leading keyboards and samples. The most attracting songs are those that hit past the ten minute mark, like ‘Theodor W. Adorno‘ and ‘The Last Big Impezzo‘, taking advantage of the time given to expand and evolve, dragging the listener to their world. Some EDM (or IDM, your call) here, a bit of ambient there, there are plenty of styles you’ll listen in ‘Where Are You Now‘. Sometimes, all those different ideas are merged into one single song, as in eight-minute ‘The Man Who Stole The Hype‘, the most representative of the album. They’re trying to hit multiple targets at once, but they’re doing in such a beautiful, impulsive way that you don’t really care that they’re leaving a few bullseyes untouched.


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