Mechanimal – Delta Pi Delta

Mechanimal (often styled as Mech_nimal) are one of the leading Greek bands in the post-punk-influenced electronic scene in the country. Their debut was released back in 2012, following an acclaimed release less than two years ago and their third album ‘Delta Pi Delta‘ (ΔΠΔ) opened Inner Ear Record‘s 2016 calendar. Some original members have left while some new ones joined, most notably Eleni Tzavara who offers female vocals for the first time in the band. Giannis Papaioannou is still the leading figure, though, and also the producer of this album. Guitars are played by Tasos Nikogiannis and Kostas Matiatos and, despite ‘Delta Pi Delta‘ being far from a guitar-based album, their work helps building a rich and heavy enough, when needed, sound.

Lead single ‘Radio On‘ comes halfway in, based on drum beats and synthesizer on the background with a quite catching mood and refrain. It sounds like totally suitable for a night drive “with the radio on…“, like Eleni sings. Right before that comes the thrilling ‘Sawdust‘, one of the two instrumental tracks here, along with ‘Ferrum‘ a bit later on side B (for those who’ll prefer the white LP edition). The latter contains some of the album’s most simple but interesting musical ideas making a beautiful use of looping sounds. Like many rest-of-the-world bands, Mechanimal sing in English, so there are absolutely no barriers for international fans, since neither their music has something distinctively Greek (this doesn’t have to mean bouzouki), despite being inspired in Athens’ suburbs. I guess this could be regarded both as good or bad, but ‘Delta Pi Delta‘ is such a concise and interesting work that won’t really let you bother yourself with such queries.


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